Ted Maulucci

12 Apr Ted Maulucci

The recent focus on IOT brings light to a battle that has been ongoing for many years. Smart buildings and connected and converged infrastructure have been both a topic of interest and a business challenge, but it is clear that advances in this area are necessary for North American innovation and sustained prosperity. Solving the challenges of connected communities involves trusted partners and conversations with the right people. I have known and worked with Ken Pak from Dytronix for several years. The work that Dytronix does in their labs keeps them at the forefront of technology and gives them a deep understanding of emerging technologies. In a sector that has so much smoke and mirrors, it is important to align with the partners that can bring clarity. Ken and Dytronix are trusted advisors and they have made an impact on many of the technology decisions that we have made at Tridel. I will continue to work with Ken and his team as we continue to pursue smart and connected communities.

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