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Our Clients and Feedback

“Dytronix is one of Cisco’s Select Certified partners and have really done a great job of transforming their customers’ environments by integrating the Cisco portfolio of network and security solutions. I’m extremely impressed with their abilities to expand and keep up-to-date with their Cisco knowledge through their Proof of Concept Centre showcase. Keep up the good work.”

– Al Pardhan,
Cisco Systems Engineer,
(Cisco Systems Canada Co.)

“Thank you for once again reaching out and making sure we are all up to date and that we have the appropriate documentation for our project close out processes. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and your team and I intend on calling you if we have any other projects which require technical services. Job well done.”

– Robert J. Balicsak, PMP, LEED AP,
Senior Project Manager Southern ON
(MHPM Project Managers Inc.)

“You know how some people just get it. Dytronix just gets it! Sharp and keen are probably the best words. Energy magnetism vibe they give off.
Patience to explain and teach. Reliable. Call them in a panic and you know they will just fix it. Have you seen the showroom. One of my favourites is the drawing counters… Clever staff, progressive and keen by nature.”

– Sylvia Morgado, Manager, Corporate Services
(McMillan Associates Architects)


“I feel 100% confident that the Dytronix team is looking after my organization’s best interests. The staff are very knowledgeable within their field. They research and present various IT solutions/options with a solid recommendation for my consideration. They are always friendly, personable and courteous. When I log a ticket for support, none of my concerns need to be “expedited” or “escalated”- I consistently receive prompt service the first time around-that’s what I call excellent customer service. I love the daily, weekly and monthly reports I receive so that I have a bird’s eye view of what is happening within my organization with regards to connectivity, performance and security of our all our data/information holdings.”

– Health Services Customer


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ken and his wonderful team of experts, a great job that your team had provided for our new system integration. Everything went so smoothly because of your preplanning and experiences that your team has. All our staffs are extremely happy of the changes that were made without any major issues. There were minimum disruptions to the daily business even during our busy season and the new office move. I would strongly recommend anyone the services that Dytronix provides because of their expertise, experience, friendliness, helpful and most of all, someone you can truly trust.”

– Daniel Ting, Managing Director
(Dan-D Foods (Toronto) Inc.)


“These are the attributes that quickly comes to mind in describing the entire Dytronix team. Their willingness to listen and understand our needs and responded back with a cost efficient robust infrastructure solution was impressive. System Implementation was clearly explained and trouble free. Ongoing support has always been exemplary, efficient and courteous. It is rare for any service organization, irrespective of size, to have the entire front-line staffs supporting each other in providing resolution support to its clients.”

– Jeffrey Wong,
General Manager & CFO
(Atlantic Advantage MIC)

“Dytronix was great in creating a solution that was customized for our situation. We have offices on 2 floors each with different security concerns and Dytronix built a system that was tailored for each. They didn’t try to oversell us either which is always appreciated!”

– Dave Montague, Manager,
I.T. and New Media
(OCASI – Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants)

“At True North we required an electronic door security system and entry system to ensure security for our warehouse. We called Dytronix to take care of that for us. They were there in great time and installed the system with no problems. We recently required some more pass cards and we were taken care of immediately. Great service and reaction to our needs.”

– Kevin Droughan,
Warehouse Mgr-A /RPIC-Trade Show Coordinator
(True North Nutrition)

“There are a lot of options in the market for surveillance systems and after evaluating our options, we chose to go with Dytronix because of their professionalism and knowledge. We are very happy with the camera system and service we received from Dytronix – great system and great service. The convenience of checking what’s happening in the store with a few taps of my iPhone is awesome!”

– Peter Fan, President,
Ontario Registered Optician
(Three Owls Optics Inc.)

“Great service and follow up work. Extremely reliable and efficient!!”

– Annie H.,
Happy Home Owner in North York

“I had a very good experience with Dytronix. They are friendly and helpful people. My home automation system is setup and configured by them. I am a 9-5 working person. I only have time after work. Technician from Dytronix help me setting up the system in my off work hours. Sometime, they bear with me until 10 o’clock in the evening..They are patience with your request.. On the other hand, they also do a very good follow up. When the project is finished, the project manager will check with you to make sure thing is satisfied. If you are not satisfied with something, he will sent someone to help you. It was a good experience and I would recommend them to a friend.”

– Ming C.,
Happy Home Owner in Markham

“We have been VERY satisfied with the support we have received and I’ll be sure to recommend Dytronix to others.”

– Patrick Heffron,
COO & VP Customer Success

“As a value added partner, Dytronix has a proven track record in designing and maintaining the IP infrastructures required to managing hundreds to thousands of IP edge devices. Staying current with tomorrows technology providing the strongest levels of network protection, performance and reliability on the market today.”

– Jimmy Ma, Sales Account Manager
(ACTi Corporation)

“As one of Canada’s largest mechanical contractors, technology and information systems play an important role in our organization. Ken Pak is valuable IT resource that we can count on to help us solve problems and support our team with solution-oriented thinking.”

– David Kobayashi,
Technical Manager & National Practice Leader
(Modern Niagara Group)

“Dytronix helped us set up our network and telephone system. I’m especially happy with the Cisco secure VPN that they set up because now I can work from anywhere without having to run back to the office for files or transport information on USB keys. Their service has exceeded our expectations and I look forward to continuing our partnership.”

– Farzad Hamraz, President,
B.Sc. Civil Engineer
(Quad Pro Construction Inc.)

“The Toronto Birth Centre worked with Dytronix in regards to the installation of a number of IT systems and internal controls which was supported by a team of highly trained and talented IT experts. We are pleased with their service and would highly recommend them to future clients.”

– Linda Simon, Executive Director
(Toronto Birth Centre)


“Excellent service and wonderful team of consultants and IT support!”

– Jennifer Laura Johnson
(Seventh Generation Midwives Toronto – SGMT)


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ken and his team for their expertise and professional service in the maintenance of our computer system.  As a dental office with paperless records and digital technology, it is important to keep the system running smoothly and seamlessly.  When Dytronix took over the computer maintenance, the transition was uneventful and they are always there to answer the call if there is something that requires immediate attention.  Best of all, we are rest assured that if our system crashes, they will be ready to restore it in a matter of hours.  Also with a lot of patients’ records, confidentiality is of paramount importance and we are glad that Dytronix employs the latest in online security that is second to none.  I have no reservations to refer Dytronix to any firm that is considering a change in their computer maintenance company.”

– Dr. Andrew Wong
(Dr. Andrew Wong Dentistry)

“Dytronix has being providing us impeccable services throughout the years we being with them. Professional, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, on time and trustworthy. Recommend anyone for their services.”

– Winford Foods Ltd.


“Dytronix was a life saver! Opening a restaurant is extremely stressful and can be overwhelming at times. It definitely helps to have a team of people willing to work around your schedule and your needs to get the job done. Dytronix installed surveillance and surround sound audio in our space. From the beginning, Ken Pak of Dytronix was understanding of our needs. He did not try to oversell us with equipment we didn’t need and was very transparent with pricing, ie. no hidden costs. I am not particularly tech-savvy and so at the beginning, I had a few issues operating our new equipment. Ken’s team was patient and on-time with their service calls and more importantly, they spent as much time as I needed them to. Overall my experience with Dytronix has been a great. Combining service with quality and at very reasonable prices, Dytronix is refreshing company to work with.”

– Jason Ching, Owner
(WonderPho Vietnamese Cuisine)


“Looking back at the first time I dealt with Ken and the Dytronix team I was pleasantly surprised to find a group with so much knowledge and expertise. More importantly they are a friendly and warm personality. I have a lot of options for purchasing but find that Dyronix has become my first stop. I have always had a positive experience and when I need some help they are always there to assist. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to Dytronix they really look after their customers and provide you with the best solution.”

– Jeff Brown, AES, CITT,
Technology Specialist & System Integrator Educational Services Division 

(Cosmo Music Company Ltd)

“Iserve Executive Centre provides professional executive offices, meeting spaces and technology services to over 200 tenants. Thanks to our technology team and Dytronix, we are able to provide top-notch service and reliable business infrastructure and services to our clients. Thanks for your support!”

– Mel Clarke,
V.P. Iserve Executive Centre 
(Iserve Executive Centre)

“Our company has been working Dytronix for about a year now and our experiences with them have always been enjoyable. Their service from start to finish has been exemplary and on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly level. Their administration, sales and technical teams are customer service focused which always makes Dytronix a pleasure to deal with. Continued success and keep up the good work.”

– Duncan Yuen,
Chief Technical Officer
(Mundo Media Ltd.)

“We have engaged Dytronix for over 5 years, and over time, our reliance on an efficient service and reliable advice in our system upgrades have been very realistic and within budget. We have grown over the years and so have our dependence on the computer system. It is nice to know that they have been very attentive to a smaller company and have afforded us the respect and courtesy each time we call. More importantly, we appreciate the speed and promptness of your getting back to us. This removes a lot of stress when something does go wrong with our computer systems.Wish your firm all the best as you continue to grow.”

– Frederick Oh, President
(Richmond Hill Culinary Arts Centre)


“We here at CDVI believe that Dytronix keep striving to provide the best possible solutions for their customers. From constant training and research looking for new technologies, Dytronix does not stop there. They go above and beyond in providing excellent customer service and relations.”

– Wilson Pauvif,
National Sales Director
(CDVI Americas)

“The recent focus on IOT brings light to a battle that has been ongoing for many years. Smart buildings and connected and converged infrastructure have been both a topic of interest and a business challenge, but it is clear that advances in this area are necessary for North American innovation and sustained prosperity. Solving the challenges of connected communities involves trusted partners and conversations with the right people. I have known and worked with Ken Pak from Dytronix for several years. The work that Dytronix does in their labs keeps them at the forefront of technology and gives them a deep understanding of emerging technologies. In a sector that has so much smoke and mirrors, it is important to align with the partners that can bring clarity. Ken and Dytronix are trusted advisors and they have made an impact on many of the technology decisions that we have made at Tridel. I will continue to work with Ken and his team as we continue to pursue smart and connected communities.”

– Ted Maulucci,
Chief Information Officer
(Tridel Corporation)

“As a dental practice group owner and a dentist with multiple locations, we require innovative ways to help us with our continuous growth, expansion, and communication between existing and future clinics . Ken and his team have been instrumental in providing us with excellent planning and I.T. management solutions. We really liked their multi-location management strategy, where we can manage all the locations together, like one unified location. I would highly recommend Dytronix to anyone who is looking for I.T. strategy planning and solutions.”

– Dr. Benedict Lui D.D.S.,
Owner and operator of HTL Dental Group
(HTL Dental Group)

“I am very satisfied about your service, knowledge, professionalism, time management with reasonable price. Ken and his team are amazing people. They are professional and helpful. There are always people who can answer and give you lots of information right away. I like them very much and highly recommend them to whoever enjoys technology and great professional service.”

– Dr. J. Pazouki & Associates
(Swansea Dentistry)


“La Rocca Creative Cakes is a 30 year old family company located in Richmond Hill Ontario, we employee over 250 people and are the largest independent value cake manufacture in Canada. We met Ken at a time our network and wireless systems were in turmoil, everyday computers glitched, and connections got dropped, it was a mess that cost us in lost productivity and service fees. We depended on people that worked by trial and error that did not have a plan; we felt trapped and vulnerable. Then we met Ken and instantly knew we found our guy. He came prepared to explain our problems behind the issues and his proposal to deal with them systematically all in a language we could understand (I’m not an IT guy). After the meeting, it was evident to us what the plan should be, I signed the contract with him to perform the work and never looked back. He is a great listener and spends the time to understand our issues and explain a solution that will get the job done without the feeling of being over sold. He is an indispensable part of the team building our foundation for tomorrow’s IOT and guaranteeing our spot as an industry leader. We really can’t say enough about him, his team’s professionalism and work ethics. We feel lucky to have found Dytronix and look forward to many years of growth with them.”

– Michael Givens, President
(La Rocca Creative Cakes)


“As a financial services company with over 150 people, efficiency and reliability are key to all our systems. We’ve been a Dytronix customer since 2008 and Dytronix has consistently provided us with great service and a rapid response time. Ken understands our business and the way we work and throughout the years, he has become our trusted I.T. advisor. I would highly recommend Ken and his team at Dytronix for worry-free I.T.”

– Grace Kong
(Atlantic (HS) Financial Corporation)


“We work in a fast-paced environment with little to no down-time in the office. Dytronix understands how we operate and their support has been exceptional with accommodating our needs. It’s always a relief to know that we can call on someone who knows what’s happening. I’m glad we can call on Dytronix.”

-M. Li,
Accounting & Corporate Account Manager
(First China Tobacco Company Limited)

“We were using Dytronix since the start of our business and we still rely on them to help train our new staff. They setup our computer network and took the time to understand our business, which resulted in great input on how we could use software to improve our workflow. We trust their advice and treat them like they’re a part of our company because we know we can count on them to get the job done. Dytronix makes things easy to understand and never over complicate things, we’d recommend them to any company looking for practical solutions.”

– Andy Lam, President,
Lexus Certified Pro & Hybrid Technician
(Bullock City Auto Services Inc.)

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dytronix for their great job on setting up our home automation system. Thank you for personalizing the control system for us, and making our life much more convenient. I really like the semi-automatic lighting system in our house. Beside these, thank you for the valuable advice you have provided to improve our house. You guys are always patient and friendly. Not only did you answer our questions in great details but also you accommodate our hours even for late evening. I would definitely recommend your services to our friends and family.”

– Betty C.,
Happy Home Owner in Markham

“Your team was incredible. We’re up and running in our new office and everything is working perfectly.”

– Chris Kamarianakis,
Executive Director
(Protect Your Boundaries)

“Dytronix has been a pleasure to work with, from the very beginning I realized they are a different type of company, using thorough research they always select the best product offerings, and ensure that the solutions are well tested before taking them to their customer. I would recommend Dytronix to install and service any of Aiphones products.”

– Martin Villard,
Sales & Support Representative
(Aiphone Communication Systems)

“Dytronix has become an indispensable part our organization. Their team is proactive, competent and dependable which allows our company to get more done in less time.”

– David Young , I.T. Director
(Krcmar Surveyors Ltd.)


“We highly recommend Ken and his team for their level of knowledge, expertise and honesty.”

– Kelly Burke , V.P. Operations
(Ampere Limited)

“Every company handles calls differently and Dytronix was very attentive to how we wanted the system to work. They made the entire process easy for us right from the beginning, from planning to installation and training. I appreciate how proactive they were with communicating with us and providing relevant options that made it easy to do business with them.”

– Vice President,
B.Sc.Civil Engineer
(Quad Pro Construction Inc.)

“Thank you for the computer(also, surveillance) improvement and support by your team in the past 10 months. Before you guys came along, I thought computer were naturally prone to breakdowns and repairs. I couldn’t be happier with the system I have now! From installation, transition and continue technical support, you and your team had been very accommodating to my hours, punctual and given me many productive inputs. VPN works great for myself and for your online support. I totally understand, “What you pay is what you get!”; although your charges are slightly higher than my other quotes (for a cheaper, still workable version), your system saved me a lot administrative hours and headaches. I really like the emails that you send me when my staff calls you for support, this lets me know of any problems and how it was resolved, without bothering me with phone calls. With this kind of service, I had recommended you to some my dentist friends for their computer and surveillance needs. Thanks again and keep it up!!!”

– Dr. Michael Chin, Dentist
(Dr. Michael Chin Dental Office)


“We were shopping for help with a network upgrade project and from the first meeting with Ken we knew we found our guy. He is very open to listening to what your needs are then advising on ways to go about getting the job done. We never once felt like he was overselling us something we didn’t need. He understood where we are as a company today and where we are planning on being tomorrow and helping us grow by recommending a system that fit our needs exactly. We really cannot say enough of him and his teams work ethic and professionalism. It is safe to say that Dytronix will be a part of La Rocca’s future.”

– Aaron Givens, Accounts Receivable
(La Rocca Creative Cakes)


“I would like to say thank you for your excellent IT support service and advice which I have found them to be prompt, courteous and reliable.”

– Kevin, Former Controller
(La Rocca Creative Cakes)


“To a general user such as ourselves, we totally rely on your service provide to take care of the technical work, and in this regards, Dytronix has served us well. More importantly, we appreciate the speed and promptness of your getting back to us. This removes a lot of stress when something does go wrong with our computer systems.Wish your firm all the best as you continue to grow.”

– Atlantic (HS) Financial Corporation


“As the sole leading North American agent for Double Happiness cigarettes, our operations are expanding across Canada at a rapid rate in response to the high demand for Chinese cigarettes. Dytronix is our technology partner and I’m pleased that they’ve been able to run with us at our high speed as we expand across Canada. Their expertise and responsiveness has essentially made them a part of our company.”

– J. Lin, Executive Director
(First China Tobacco Company Limited)


“A number of years ago I had Dytronix install a camera system for me. It has been working very well and the inital installation went flawlessly. I have been very happy with the system Dytronix installed. I have recently needed some help & called Dytronix support center. All I can say is that the experience was great, Dytronix support staffs were very helpfull and solved my problem right away. I just wanted to thank you for Dytronix great customer service.”

– TK, President
(Good Year Select)


“Our business is not just about tires, it’s about connecting with our customers in person and on the phone. We knew that our old phone system was not keeping up with the pace of our business and we needed an updated phone system that could handle our call volume. Our preference was to work with a local company, so we picked up the phone and called Dytronix. It was pretty smooth sailing from the start of the project to the training stage. Our staff picked up the new system effortlessly and we haven’t looked back since. If you are looking for a company that just gets things done without all the fluff, call Dytronix.”

– Georgina Hutzel, Office Manager
(Richmond Hill Tire Inc.)


“While the web-site is simple and straight to the point, it tells a whole lot from a few words carefully put together. Thanks to Ken and his team at Dytronix, we are now able to extend our reach to audiences outside of our community, promoting our business to people visiting beautiful Lax kw’alaams.”

– Marissa and Craig Latimer, Owner
(Latimer Bed and Breakfast)

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