Network Design & Security

Network Design & Security service puts the reliability of Cisco right at the core of your network to keep your business connected to the world. A solid integrated network foundation will help you run business more efficiently, securely and economically.

Secure Single & Multi-Site Networking

Robust enterprise-grade security for single location and multi-location networks. Add efficiency to the way your business runs, with site-to-site connectivity between locations to share resources and better manage services. Increase workforce productivity with secure access for remote users on any device, anywhere in the world your business takes you.

Maximize Business Uptime

Maximize business uptime with high availability network designs, including failover internet and back-up power planning, core network configuration backups, cloud managed configurations and 24/7 monitoring.

High Density Wi-Fi and BYOD

Reliable, high capacity wireless networks that can support the ever increasing number of company and user-owned devices relying on Wi-Fi to connect to your business network. Allow BYOD and still keep your network safe with device-specific policies and integrated network access control.

Network Management and Documentation

Always know exactly what’s happening in your network with transparent joint management, maintenance and monitoring. Network documentation, diagrams and assets lists are provided to you for your safekeeping.

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