Jason Ching

12 Apr Jason Ching

Dytronix was a life saver! Opening a restaurant is extremely stressful and can be overwhelming at times. It definitely helps to have a team of people willing to work around your schedule and your needs to get the job done. Dytronix installed surveillance and surround sound audio in our space. From the beginning, Ken Pak of Dytronix was understanding of our needs. He did not try to oversell us with equipment we didn’t need and was very transparent with pricing, ie. no hidden costs. I am not particularly tech-savvy and so at the beginning, I had a few issues operating our new equipment. Ken’s team was patient and on-time with their service calls and more importantly, they spent as much time as I needed them to. Overall my experience with Dytronix has been a great. Combining service with quality and at very reasonable prices, Dytronix is refreshing company to work with.

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