Why Dytronix

10 Reasons

1. We’re your technology partner

We partner and work together with you right from the beginning, from the initial planning stage, design, financing, deployment, project management to support and maintenance. We’re with you every step of the way.

2. We use the best-in-class equipment

We work with the best manufacturers and vendors Рall leaders in their respective industries including Cisco, Microsoft, Axis, Polycom, CDVI, Aiphone, DSC and GE.

3. Direct relationship and support from the best-in-class vendors

We have a direct relationship with each manufacturer and vendor such as Cisco, Microsoft, Axis, Polycom, CDVI, Aiphone, DSC and GE, plus we have their full support from designing, verifing, approval and technical support through their consultants, engineers and technicians for standalone and integration projects.

4. We’re certified

We are certified in every service area we offer because we want you to be confident that the staff handling your project are qualified and trained to do the job.

5. Technology integration

We tie in different areas of expertise through direct vendor support, field certifications and hands-on experience, which means we know how to make things work together. Our strong networking background is the foundation for all integrations, whether it be adding VoIP to your network or bridging the analog world to the IP world.

6. Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Our Network Operations Centre is where our team of network administrators monitor and manage your network, communicate with site technicians and keep things running smoothly.

7. We deploy tested solutions

We only deploy tested solutions, which means we make sure all the equipment is setup and tested in our lab before we send it to you. We don’t just test our own solutions, our partners also invite us to test out their new equipment for feedback and future improvements.

8. We are upfront

We’re upfront, which means we’ll always give you a straight answer.

9. We keep up with the times

We believe in continuous learning and keeping up with industry trends, after all, we work in a dynamic environment.

10. Our promise

We always provide quick and courteous service to every customer. If you have a question or need technical support, we are more than happy to help you, we’ll never leave you hanging.

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