Elise Wong

07 May Elise Wong

Direct Dentistry Services was blessed to be referred to Dytronix by our dental colleagues and we are constantly amazed by their diligence and efficiency, delivered in combination with excellent customer services and honesty.   Dytronix helps our practice safeguard the vital computers and networking system for our team of over 40 employees; modernized our website with ongoing modifications; provide us with objective advice then follow through for hardware and software upgrade. The entire support team at Dytronix is always polite and prompt at solving our day-to-day request.  Honesty is another absolutely valuable quality we vouch for Dytronix and Ken’s business as over several occasions Dytronix will give us frank recommendation of no change needed, given the existing system is adequate and more economical. Lastly, when vital and critical issues arise, their team will never leave us in the loose just because it is after business hour. We highly recommend Dytronix, Mr. Ken Pak and his team to any business.

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