Smart Community

Smart Community Connected Infrastructure

Be engaged, informed, and connected. Contributing to the overall development of the northwest coast.

Access to Information

Secure access to data locally and remotely enables businesses in the smart community to meet the dynamic demands of a global economy.



Opening doors to new opportunities with better access to training by members and increased competitiveness by local businesses.



Implement best practices for both data security and physical security, keeping informational assets, people and property safe.

Up-to-date Systems

Using best-in-class manufacturers such as Cisco & HP for business systems, and DSC & Tyco for physical security systems. We will have the ability to incorporate new technologies into the smart community infrastructure as they become available.



Enhance capacity to develop and offer on-line courses and programs. Community utilization of on-line programs for distance learning, certified programs and continuing professional education for a continuously improving skilled workforce.

Community Involvement

Better access for increased participation of the community in community matters.



Increase in business competitiveness with faster overall business turnaround times, increased efficiency, reduced operation costs, and expansion into new markets.



Improved overall health of the community with better access to health services and telehealth services.

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